Launch Your Products to the Market with the Right Packaging Choices

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  • Posted on : April 24, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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The first time that your brand makes a sale, it is the packaging; the second time is what resides inside that sells the packaging. When it comes to packaging, it is mostly overlooked and this mistake can cost brands quite the amount. If a product fails to move from the shelves, it is caused by poor packaging that fails to catch audiences. The average food product launch costs between $12k to $15k and if its packaging cannot break the buying ice, the loss is too big to easily recover from.

To help you avoid such lethal mistakes, we have come up with the perfect recipe for creating the right packaging:

Choosing Your Packaging Designer:

Most packaging companies and suppliers have their own designers that work together with clients to customise and create their personal packaging boxes. However, if you would rather have your packaging designed by someone other than your packaging supplier, we have a few suggestions.

When working with a designer, make sure your ideas are clear and decisive about what colours, designs, and shapes you want to use. This will save you the time of redesigning and also its costs. Independent designers will cost you per hour and per design so they are more than eager when customers make continuous changes and take time deciding on things. This is also a reason we suggest you work with company designers because most suppliers provide free design services.

Branding the Packaging:

Your brand can have more than one type of product, multiple variants of a single product, or a single product type, what needs to be kept in mind is the consistency of your branding. Keeping branding easy to remember and reflective of your business concept will create an unforgettable experience for your customers. Sometimes customers forget the name of brands and products, however, they still remember the logo or the colour of the packaging. This is how the logo and colours associated with your branding scheme matter.

Selecting a Printer:

This may never be mentioned by your supplier but there are different printers purposed for different tasks. Some can only print cartons and some only labels. Each printer has its own pros and cons that make them special for its assigned tasks. These printers can differ in printing technique, print quality, turnaround time, and print material. It is best to talk over the options with your suppliers in order to steer clear of pricey mistakes.

Decide on Unit Bulk:

Now that you have everything decided, it is time to decide on your order bulk. How many units of packaging do you want? Ordering in bulk helps you save on packaging prices. The per-unit cost is reduced when it comes to bulk orders and another benefit is the offers that some suppliers make. Packaging companies have offers where, as the bulk of orders increases, the cost-per-unit comes lower. However, order an amount that you are sure you can store. Sometimes storing packaging boxes can take more space than expected and they can be affected by different weather and conditions. One last suggestion as we leave you to groom your business, choose custom packaging over stock packaging. Custom product packaging allows you to customize your boxes the way you want for any occasion or season. Customers are always delighted by that extra touch of personalisation.