Powerful Tips for Packing Fragile Products in Custom Packaging Boxes

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  • Posted on : February 7, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Fragile and sensitive items such as glassware, electronics, crockery, wristwatches, etc required much care and protection, during the shipment to avoid external and internal damage. Packaging boxes must be strong and sturdy, as it goes through many places during transit.

Are you worried about delivering your fragile and delicate products without any damage? And if you are looking for solutions and tips for great packaging for the products? Use custom packaging boxes for protecting them from all damages during transit.

Here you get all the important information regarding how to effectively handle fragile items during transportation.

1. Choose the Right Packaging Material:

Custom packaging boxes are great for transportation. It is very crucial to select the best material for your sensitive products. Corrugated and rigid packaging boxes are strong enough to provide extra protection for delicate items. For expensive wristwatches, jewelry, and glassware rigid boxes are great packaging solutions. They are also suitable for electronics because of their insulation property to discharge all the charges that might produce.

2. Foam Inserts Great for Fragile Products:

You can also protect your luxury and sensitive items by inserting foam in the custom packaging. These foam inserts can be made exactly in the shape and size of the products. Fragile products can easily fit in the foam and avoid the internal collision of the products. It also gives your packaging a luxury look and well-organized boxes will give a great impression to the customers.

3. Include Strong Partition or Dividers:

Another great way to protect delicate products from damage is by inserting a partition between the products. For glassware, you can add cardboard or corrugated partition between them to avoid the collision. These dividers keep the products intact tightly and prevent them from breakage during transit. It doesn’t cost you much as it is made up of recycled and reusable material.

4. Small Boxes:

For heavy sensitive items, use small boxes as it is easy to carry and prevents the product to roll in the packaging. Small packaging boxes are a great choice beyond doubts for delicate products. Custom small packaging with great printing and design also provides a mesmerizing look and excites the customers to purchase more.

5. Flute Boxes:

Flute boxes are an excellent choice for delicate products, especially for bulk loads. As it can be customized into any shape, size, and thickness and in a variety of closure options depending upon the delicacy of the products. This means that it delivers sensitive products safely to the doorstep of the consumers. Fan or fluting folds between the layers of the custom corrugated packaging, maximize the security and protection of the products by absorbing external shocks.

Over to You:

Fragile and sensitive products required so much care during transportation. Using rigid and corrugated material for packaging with special dividers and foam inserts keeps delicate products safe. Invest in custom packaging boxes for fragile products will safe your brand from refundable and returning costs. It will also maintain the reputation for your brand by giving positive experience to customers.