Significance of Getting Packaging Prototype Before Ordering Custom Box Packaging

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  • Posted on : September 12, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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What is Packaging Prototype?

Before reading about packaging prototype, one needs to understand what is prototype! A packaging prototype refers to the mock-up packaging to give manufacturers a glimpse of what their packaging will look like before going into the production department. It is not a final or functional version of the packaging but merely an example to visualise the appearance of the final boxes.

If you get the prototype option before placing a wholesale order, it will help you to identify the changes in your packaging as per the requirement of your product.

Once you have finalised the mock-up box, you will move forward with the actual packaging boxes for your products.

Why do you need a Comprehensive Prototype?

The answer is very simple: to satisfy yourself that you are getting the right packaging for your products.

For instance, you want to promote a new product to your targeted audience, you would need a limited number of packaging units without spending too much on the whole order.

You might need to present your products to several people such as retailers, investors, business partners, focus group, trade show exhibitors, internal employees, and to the targeted audience, etc.

From Where I can Get a Custom Box Packaging Prototype?

You can get the packaging prototype from different packaging vendors or suppliers but it is not necessary that they will create a packaging that is exactly according to your requirement.

Most of the companies create many custom printed boxes as mock-ups and then later on charge you money if you approve them and want them to go forward on creating the main production order. However, some companies like Emenac Packaging UK offers free prototype option in 2D and 3D form.

Some companies are cautious about creating a single prototype for the customers who may just look at it and leave without paying a single penny. So companies avoid it because it is expensive as well as time-consuming for them to make a prototype.

How and where you can be assured to get a comprehensive packaging prototype?

Some companies intend to make the perfect custom packaging boxes that are best suited for your products. you must consider the cost of your desired packaging for large and small run packaging solutions. You might get a certain discount and save a good amount of money at long-run orders.

Go for a company that specialises in making packaging boxes, printing and supplying boxes with a worthwhile experience in the market.