Solidify your Brand’s Identity with Four Fascinating Packaging Ideas

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  • Posted on : November 5, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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What is so special about your product that will persuade the customers to invest their hard-earned money?

No doubt product quality is one of the prime reasons that distinguish your product in the cluttered market and grab the attention of the customers. And it’s an admitted fact that the customers are ready to pay extra bucks if the product quality and the packaging are outstanding. Unfortunately, most of the brands only pay attention to the exterior of the packaging and ignore its interior resulting in a reduction in profits and revenue.

Therefore, if businesses want to create a solid brand identity and expand their customer fan base so following fascinating packaging ideas are all good to go:

1. Creative Internal Design:

To stay one step ahead of the competitor’s brands, need to come up with inspiring and creative packaging ideas. And, for that purpose, the interior of the packaging box can be utilised in the best possible way. No doubt it’s always very exciting and thrilling to come across a box whose interior is decorated with cute designs, witty slogans, or concise information about the product.

It not only demonstrates that the brand truly cares for its customers but it also breaks the stereotypical packaging standards. Hence, it’s an amazing way to turn satisfied customers into repeated ones thus expanding the customer’s fan base.

2. Packaging Inserts:

It’s important to note that packaging is not only meant to provide utmost protection against physical, chemical, and environmental harm but if done right it can also act as an effective marketing tool. It not only introduces the product to the target audience but also creates a strong brand identity.

Moreover, if the brands want to triple their sales and expand their business so the use of packaging insert is a must. It not only provides an extra cushioning effect to the fragile product but is also a reflection of the brand’s dedication and care towards its customers. Hence, attaching a thank you card or giving special discount offers to the new clients creates an ever-lasting impression on their minds.

Above all, it provides the brands with cross-selling opportunities resulting in high profits.

3. Cute Decoration:

There is no denying the fact that brands are always scratching their heads to come up with creative and innovative packaging ideas to grab the attention of the customers. And on the contrary, if they fail to impress the customers so they instantly switch to their competitors.

Therefore, if the brands want to make their customers feel special and valued so the addition of a delicate flower, ribbon, or a greeting card is the best option. It not only excites the customers but also makes the occasion quite memorable for them. Hence, it’s a cost-effective way to add value to the packaged product and magnifies its beauty.

4. Packaging Material:

The colour, quality, and feel of the packaging material are as important as the product quality. If the product is wrapped in a boring box and the texture of the packaging material is quite coarse and rough so it undermines the customers unboxing experience.

Hence, the use of soft, shiny, and sustainable packaging material not only demonstrates the brand’s social corporate responsibility but also expands the customer fan base.