The Economics of Packaging: Balancing Cost and Functionality

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  • Posted on : April 27, 2023
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All brands need effective and sustainable packaging boxes for their products that balance cost and functionality. The economics of packaging influence both the external and internal flow of a brand’s efficiency. All the implications of a custom-printed packaging life cycle should be analyzed carefully.

According to Bove and Swartz, if brands want to be sustainable, they need to make the logistics activities sustainable because 90% of brands’ impact is on natural resources.

Let’s read on to understand how the economics of packaging balance cost and functionality.

Why Sustainable Packaging Is a Growing Demand?

Conferring to PMMI’s report, from $220 billion in 2018 to $280 billion by 2025, is the expected increase in the market of sustainable packaging boxes. From this report, we can surely understand that in the future the demand for compostable, recyclable, eco-friendly, and bio-degradable packaging will be so high. For this purpose, paperboard, Kraft, and corrugated materials are excellent choices as they minimise not only the packaging waste that pollutes the environment but also affects the economics of packaging.

How Eco-Friendly Packaging Is Cost-Efficient?

For fragile products, the cost of packaging boxes is 3 to 7% and for durable products, the packaging cost is 2 to 3%. (Benchmark). This statement refers to, your packaging should be more appealing and visually aesthetic, also maintaining the balance between the cost and functionality. These sustainable and sturdy economical packaging boxes will help in increasing brand growth, profits, and sales.

How To Make End-of-line Packaging More Sustainable and Functional?

When we talk about some sustainable and waste-reduction packaging boxes, you must consider some initiatives that will help you in maintaining a balance between the functionality and cost of custom packaging boxes:

  • While designing your custom-printed corrugated packaging boxes, make sure that sealer adhesive is not attached permanently to the recycled fibers but you should also not compromise its purpose.
  • Research in detail to find a possible recycled packaging solution that will not only easily be recycled but also give the best protection to the product during transportation.

Economical Packaging Solution That Balances Cost and Functionality

According to Flexible Packaging Association, 67% of brand owners said that they preferred and put great effort into making sustainable packaging boxes.

While designing and developing the custom-printed packaging to maintain a balance between cost and functionality, you must consider working with the best packaging supplier company, Emenac Packaging UK, that has great experience in making primary, secondary, and tertiary custom packaging boxes.

Supply Chain Efficiency

For economical packaging, you need to explore how you can improve sustainability and flexibility in the logistics system and supply chains. To reduce the cost of shipping and returning, you need to make the packaging boxes durable to provide security and safety to the products during transportation. Focus on three significant pillars of sustainability to make your custom packaging work efficiently:

  1. Improve the transport system.
  2. Reduce the number of vehicles used for product shipping.
  3. Advancing the environmental, economic, and social pillars.  


Economical custom wholesale packaging boxes are a great source of making your brand successful by providing 100% protection to the products during transit. We hope this blog will help you to create custom packaging boxes that can be cost-effective and sustainable. You just need to explore in detail every aspect of making the packaging boxes that maintains the balance between cost and functionality. Keep following us for more trips and tricks about custom packaging boxes.