The Role of Aqueous Coating on Custom Packaging: Process, Benefits & Types

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  • Posted on : May 18, 2024
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In high competition, every brand wants to make its products stand out on shelves and leave a lasting impression. For this, there’s a need to make product packaging attractive, stunning, and eye-catching to increase brand sales. 

The print coating is one of the most critical packaging elements. Whether you want to use a print coating on any type of custom packaging, the coating impacts the final look and enhances product packaging appeal. 

There are many coating options available but aqueous coating is one of them. Let’s take a look at what is aqueous coating, its types, benefits, and process in detail!

What is Aqueous Coating? 

The aqueous coating can be used during the packaging printing process and it’s a transparent varnish based on water. This coating quickly dries, is environment-friendly, and prevents fingerprints. Remember that this coating is water-based only, not waterproof. You can use aqueous coating for packaging of different products like ornaments and food packaging. 

Aqueous Coating Process

Before the ink is printed on the sheets, the aqueous coating is applied to the packaging. Afterward, the sheet goes through the heated system for drying immediately. There are some considerations to keep in mind when applying aqueous coating on any packaging material. 

For example, you don’t need to warp, fold, or wrinkle paper/ sheet and great care should be taken in this regard to do with the coating process effectively. Also, ensure that coating is applied across the entire sheet. 

Aqueous Coating Benefits 

1. Environment Friendly: 

One of the main benefits of aqueous coating is that it’s environment-friendly and non-toxic. When you apply aqueous coating on any packaging material, it not only quickly dries but also minimises solid waste and does not require toxic cleaning agents for the cleaning process. 

2. Enhances Visual Impact: 

Packaging with high visual impact swiftly grabs customer attention as compared to packaging that has less visual impact. When you apply aqueous coating on packaging printing, it will give your packaging a matte or glossy finish to enhance custom packaging aesthetics. 

3. Cost-Effective Option: 

Aqueous coating is a budget budget-friendly option as compared to other types of coatings. This water-based coating significantly reduces your packaging cost as it’s primarily used in conjunction with the printing process. 

4. Provides Better Versatility: 

Whether you want aqueous coating on specific areas or full coverage coating, it is versatile enough to accommodate various design requirements. Also, with this coating, you can easily write anything on the packaging box and print over the coating for more variety in different finishes. 

Aqueous Coating Types 

Soft Touch: In soft touch aqueous coating, you can give your packaging a velvety texture with a soft appearance as compared to the glossy finish. Just like matte coating, it will give your packaging a subtle finish. 

Matte: In matte aqueous coating, you can give your packaging a minimal shine with a high degree of colour intensity. 

Gloss: Gloss aqueous coating will give your packaging a shiny look and smooth surface finish to print materials and also it enhances the overall colour vibrancy. 

Satin: It offers medium shine and amazing scuff resistance with an appearance between gloss and matte finishes. 

Dry Erase: If you want a high gloss effect at the minimum price, you should go for dry-erase aqueous coating. Also, this coating is an alternative to laminate finish. 

Final Thoughts: 

Aqueous coating combines the benefits of durability, sustainability, and product packaging visual enhancement making it easy for today’s brands to compete and leave a lasting impression.

As customer’s needs and preferences change from time to time, the aqueous coating provides an effective and eco-friendly solution for brands who want to make their packaging stand out in the competitive marketplace. 

At Emenac Packaging UK, we provide various brands with multiple custom packaging solutions with different coating and finishing options. If you truly want to make your product packaging stand out, don’t hesitate to contact us!