Top 4 Creative Custom Packaging Trends for 2023

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  • Posted on : June 26, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Every year brings new changes and innovations in packaging designs. As 2022 was the year of minimal and sustainable packaging, 2023 will also build the concept of these designs along with a variety of new considerations. The trends, designs, and, styles of the packaging have been transformed and customers have moved toward the more sustainable and organic packaging methods instead of using traditional standard-sized packaging boxes.

Even the big names in the e-commerce industry are also moving towards sustainable, eco-friendly packaging that communicates with their target audience. In this blog, we have discussed the top 4 trends for the packaging industry in 2023.

1. The Use of Sustainable Packaging Materials

We have witnessed the rise of paper packaging materials in recent years. Now customers are well aware of eco-friendly packaging and demanding for sustainable packaging material for their products. This type of packaging not only fulfils the demand of your customers but is also very easy to dispose of. Additionally, in 2023, there is a probability that including paper packaging material, brands will introduce new and unique packaging materials that will serve the same purposes. Those materials might be edible packaging, grass packaging, plant-able paper packaging, and wheat packaging.

2. Exciting Typography Designs

Using typography on your packaging boxes is also a rising trend in the packaging industry and many brands are looking forward to this attractive design in 2023. This is a text-centric design that is trending in the packaging industry for the last few years. Using exciting typography designs on your custom-printed boxes is a great way to influence new customers.

This is a simple and interactive design that is used to communicate the product’s intent without any unnecessary elements and decoration. This design helps you to meet the fast-paced demand of your customers in a very simple and effective way. Typography is an emerging packaging trend that is used to grab the attention of customers with its complex designs.

3. Minimalism Stays Strong

Using minimalist design on your custom printed boxes is also a key trend in the packaging industry. There are many popular brands that use minimally designed packaging boxes for their products to provide a decent look to their products. The minimal design provides a timeless and classy look to your products. There are two colour schemes that are expected to dominate in 2023: Muted and monochromatic. These both colour schemes add a sense of peace and luxury look to your branding and offer a premium unboxing experience to your customers. Moreover, you can also provide a premium look to your packaging boxes with by pairing minimalist typefaces with matte finishes that will emulate a timeless feel.

4. Interactive Packaging

Using interactive packaging is also a great way to influence customers. This is also an emerging trend that will blow the mind of customers in 2023. Many brands are using this packaging trend to bring more audience towards their businesses. Interactive packaging uses the leverage of technology such as QR codes and interacts with their customers. Customers can scan the barcodes printed on the packaging boxes and can reach their website, and also unlock additional information about the brand as well as products. Using interactive packaging boxes helps you to create a strong emotional connection with your customers and provide a memorable experience to your customers.

Final Words

This is all about the 4 packaging trends that will blow in 2023. These trends help you to make your brand stand out in the market. These trends include sustainable packaging, exciting typography, interactive packaging, and minimal designs. So, if you are a business owner and looking for custom packaging ideas for your products, you can follow these trends to uplift your business growth in a very effective way. You can also contact Emenac Packaging UK to get the perfect packaging solutions for your product. Emenac Packaging UK is one of the reputable packaging manufacturers that helps you to design premium quality packaging boxes that suit your brand.