Top 5 Marketing Tactics to Use in Your Packaging Design Today

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  • Posted on : September 13, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Do you ever think that packaging design can help you to market your products to your customers? If not, then there are many companies that are using their packaging boxes to market their products. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong, if we say that excellent marketing is the packaging design that puts a positive impact of product on your customers.

Packaging is also the most important factor in marketing because it is the only marketing channel in your Omni channel that reaches 100% of your customers. You can use packaging to show your values to the customers, to inform them about the product, and many things more.

Why Affective Packaging is Important for Marketing?

Do you know that more than 72% of Americans have agreed that packaging design plays an important role in influencing more customers? It means that using attractive packaging can help you to market your products to your customers. If you are not using attractive and effective packaging, you might not influence more customers toward your products. However, if your package looks amazing and well-designed, you can easily use it as a marketing strategy.

 In this blog, we have discussed the 5 marketing tactics to use in the packaging industry:

1. Attract with Valuable Information

You can print valuable information on your packaging boxes to make it more interactive with your customers. It has a positive impact on your customers and doesn’t confuse them in their buying decisions. According to Luminaire, more than 68% of customers notice the peel-off labels which are stuck on the packaging and 56% of customers instantly recognize the brand with a printed logo. Therefore, using these tactics can help you to market your products with the help of effective packaging ideas. Furthermore, you can also add information and instructions such as images, instructions, ingredients, and nutritional facts.

2. Discover Always-Sell Opportunities

The main goal of your packaging must be to enhance the selling opportunities. You have to find opportunities to increase the sales of your products. Your brand can use packaging boxes, e-commerce sites, and email marketing. Do you know that above 70% of customers are attracted by content instead of traditional ads? And according to another report more than 615 billion devices have blocked the ads, so how companies are targeting them? Of course, with custom packaging boxes. You just need to understand the concept of packaging, promotions, and communication. Your brand can print QR codes with your brand’s logo to make it more interactive and amazing.

3. Speak to The Customer

It is important to use customer terminology when you are communicating with them. This thing helps your customers to understand your business and your products. And it also enhances the sales. According to a report by the Packaging of the World, 52% of customers said that they are more willing to pay more for the products if they like the packaging boxes.

This means that different factors such as concise labelling, clearing ingredient lists, and branding with easy typography are very important for your packaging design that speaks to your customers.

4. Create The Ideal Consumer Experience

This is true that nowadays, customers are expecting world-class experiences when purchasing their products online. According to a report, customers who rate 9/10 the brand are more likely to promote that brand even if it is just a mouth reference. So, it is important to create an attractive design for the packaging boxes if you want to have a positive impact on your customers.

If you provide an amazing unboxing experience to your customers, you are more likely to get more orders from those customers. You can also use tissue papers, and void fillers to provide a premium unboxing experience to your customers.

5. Go Green

Finally, the business owners understood the importance of using sustainable packaging materials for their products. Going green is one of the best marketing tactics to grab the attention of customers. According to a survey, above 72% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging material for their products. So, using eco-friendly packaging can help you boost your sales and make your brand credible among your customers.  

In Closing:

To conclude, this is how you can use custom packaging boxes to promote your brand among your customers. You can use attractively designed boxes with valuable information to attract more customers. You can also use void fillers or tissues to give a premium feel and enhance the unboxing experience of your customers. So, if you are running a brand and want to grab the attention of your customers, you can get help from Emenac Packaging UK to get the perfect packaging solution for your products.