Creative 3D Show Reel of Custom Pillow Boxes by Emenac Packaging UK

Custom Pillow Boxes are used to pack and promote products including gift and retail items. Due to availability of pillow boxes in an array of sizes, these elegant boxes can attract a number of customers in the retail market. Using pillow boxes for your products can help you boost your product sales and stimulate maximum customer’s ratio.

Here is a 3D show reel of custom pillow boxes that reveals the various types of custom pillow box packaging and how can they be used for your products? Custom Kraft Pillow Box: You can use pillow boxes in Kraft material to show your customers that you are helping the environment to minimise the environmental impact and is a responsible company in making this environment healthier and green.

Custom Cardboard Pillow Box: Cardboard pillow boxes are usually used and considered the best presentation boxes for the targeted customers. To promote your brand with a striking first impression on the products great, you can use cardboard pillow boxes indeed. Custom Pillow Box with Ribbon: The smooth design of custom pillow boxes with a strip guarantees that your customer can easily package and transport your products without worrying about any devastation or harm to the product.

Custom Pillow Box with Die Cut Window: Custom pillow boxes with die cut window provide a vibrant idea of the product intending and give an indication of product form to customers with high product visibility. Custom Pillow Box with PVC Window: Great quality pillow boxes with PVC windows will be able to give your product a super clarity for the customers to see what’s inside of the box. It comes flat and can be easily assembled before use and great for speciality packaging including all kinds of retail products.

Custom Pillow Box with Handle: These pillow boxes can be used to hold the weight of the products, right into the centre, reducing the risk of products slip-up from sides as these boxes come with a handle for holding the product. Custom pillow boxes with handles are very much famous in the retail industry and provides a supreme protection barrier to the consumer products at once.

Custom Pillow Box with Hang Tab: This pillow box can be hanged and displayed with the help of hanging tab. You can also use this as a regular pillow box for presenting and packing your products in a luxury style with sparkly look that will improve your product’s fascination and visibility.

Get your desired pillow boxes with certain customisation from Emenac Packaging UK to wrap your products in a decent and unique way. We are expert in designing, manufacturing and printing box packaging according to the requirements of our customers. Let us know if you have any further questions regarding pillow box packaging.