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Welcome back to Emenac Packaging YouTube channel. Glad to have you here and thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe, if you haven’t already and turn on the post notification bell so never miss our future videos. If you have any questions or suggestions then comment below to get back at you. And check out our website which will be listed down in the description. In this video, we will look at how to give your boxes an eye-opening twist, as it is important for many different reasons. Various studies conducted that consumers will often pick an item from the store based on its packaging or branding. They often pay attention to items that catch their interest. So, most businesses/brands prefer if the product chosen is theirs. Here we will look at important points to help you in your packaging boxes to be better.

• Take an Initial Start:

One of the best ways to have eye-catching twists on your packaging is to brainstorm ahead of time. Brainstorm with your business partners in a large group, you can even include suggestions from friends and family. Get different ideas and have an ongoing list of ideas prepared to know what IS BEST FOR YOUR PRODUCT. So, when you are ready to make changes or implement these eye-catching twists you can pull an idea from your list you prepared and ready in no need to stress and deadlines or time crunches. When you will be ready to implement changes or eye-catching features in your product, you can select from that list, saving you the stress from deadlines or time crunches.

• Gather Inspirations for Appealing Designs:

Getting ideas may include taking note of someone else is doing and how you can do it better. It doesn’t mean you have to copy an entire work from someone else. Just take few notes from here and there. You can also browse magazine catalogues for observing various aspects from the colour of the font and box, the shape of the box or the font style used. Take all possible note and mix it up with adding your touch to make it special packaging box design.

• Give your Products a Creative Design:

Creative visual are key for the perfect packaging design, an example of it can be about the shape of the packaging, If your product has something to do with raspberry either it is raspberry scent used in it or the flavour is raspberry, the customer will get the idea of it based on the use of images or or features on the packaging box. Your product will entice the customer to pick up and purchase it, the takeaway from this is using a particular theme like nature, food or emotions and express it in a way that your customer sets their looks on it and interact with your product.

• Do NOT Lose Objectivity towards your Product:

Aside from focusing on the design remember what your product is really about and the purpose of its use. What we mean is that you make sure that you have a product in the packaging that is enticing with eye-catching details for gaining potential customers. But If they see the product and open it to find the opposite of what it actually is then they won’t bother to purchase let alone come near it. Make sure the packaging of the boxes is related to the item inside it.

• Design with Aid of a Designer:

I know that it is creative and fun with coming up with ideas of your own. But having an opinion of a professional who is experienced in different designs is not that bad as you think. They can make your vision a reality and it might be better than what you thought of. It will take out the stress, saves your time, effort and money by letting professionals handle it for you.

• Print necessary Ingredients and Product Details:

In the end, you need place information like the ingredients, details or other specification about your product. This will help customers be aware of the product.

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