What Are the Benefits of Custom Cosmetic Boxes?

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  • Posted on : January 24, 2020
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Cosmetic items are delicate items that enhance the women’s beauty, need to handle with care so that product is not waste before it’s used. Various items are provided in single or different shades in a single group. Custom boxes are crucial for these products as they protect them from outside hazards.

Cosmetic boxed makeup for amazing promotional tools, the design and colour selection will surely get the attention from the potential customers. All customisations are applied are based on customer specifications.

Let us see how some of these cosmetic types can benefit from this.

  • Lip Liner Boxes:

Lip liner boxes protect the lip liners from outside conditions like humidity and mishandling. Moreover, the custom boxes add a certain touch of beauty to the product presentation. If your business provides lip liners to your customers, choose those elements that feel right with the lips.

  • Hair Extension Boxes:

Hair extensions can easily get tangled when they are not given proper attention. Make sure custom boxes for hair extension offer the care which they require, even after the use of hair extension. Features like windows or hanging hook that can be added to your boxes to make them more adaptable.

  • Lipstick Boxes:

Lipstick boxes can be designed in a way that invokes different feeling based on the emotion though the colour shades. The feeling needs to match the customer desire hence you need to have lipstick boxes look sleek and elegant. Using Kraft paper packaging with an intricate design can enhance its appeal. You can c

  • Mascara Boxes:

As this product if for eyes, choosing a fine colour with prominent text and imagery can create a spectacle of its own. Mascara boxes can work be used with features like a hanging tab for ease of use. Simple cardboard style suits it best.

  • Lotion Boxes:

Lotion can be skincare, beauty, or medical purpose item, using soothing colours like white, beige or light brown can invoke a feeling of comfort. Using this special font for text tops it off well. Special packaging can help it garner more attention especially when you have a discount show.

  • Hair Gel Boxes:

Hair gel is a cosmetic item for men as the packaging may have to go for standard colour as opposed to light one. Having a maximalist or minimalist design approach can benefit your product and using themes related to nature can make the product diversity and garner different customers based on preference.

Different products can get their benefit from custom packaging boxes, from the most over-the-top design to bare minimum of one colour and one font, all possible combinations can make the product work well in the retail market.