Why Eco-Friendly Packaging is a Must?

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  • Posted on : October 13, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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In Modern times, there is a lot of emphasis on environmentally friendly products that are anti-pollution. So it is necessary for a manufacturer to contribute to less hazard to the environment. To compensate that we use Eco-friendly packaging and encourage the customers to invest here. Many companies have campaigned to go for packaging that recyclable.

For consumers, it is important in choosing the better packaging. As our world is slowly morphing into wasteland hence before things become worse, We must do more than just saying on a company blogs. Let us check out the reasoning behind the initiative of this route.

  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint:

Carbon Footprint is a term describing the amount of carbon dioxide or Co2 present in the atmosphere. The world is getting hotter with the increase in emissions by factories and other sources every day.

Plastic packaging is very trick some as chemical reaction used in their production leads to further problems. Paper packaging is safe in this regard as most of the time they are reused and recycled to create new material and it helps in reducing carbon footprint in the environment.

  • Indispensability of materials:

Not all plastic types are easily recyclable and even the ones available need some care before the process despite the various remedies being available they aren’t viable enough, It is dangerous for the environment as they are huge contributors to pollution.

Paper packaging can be saving grace here because they are biodegradable meaning they are disposed quicker than plastic material. Ecosystems and earth get minimal pollution and recycled easily.

  • Environmental and Social Awareness:

Now companies that have a strong presence both commercial and internet must work on spreading awareness and support for their work in environmentalism. The consumers recognise the efforts are sincere and are showing the results of their campaign. Another thing both sides must be aware both good features and problems that can arise from certain materials used by the company.

  • Mass bulk and Shipping Convenience

Recycled materials are less in cost compared to plastics and large bulks can be used easily for shipping. They have a lightweight structure and as mentioned before saving costs on shipment. Plastic packaging can have issues during shipment. While there is an issue of water logging they can be covered well enough.