Why Labelling on Custom Packaging is Crucial for Your Brand?

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  • Posted on : February 15, 2023
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
  • Category : Blog

Packaging is not just containers to put your product inside. It has much more to offer like exhibiting the brand identity, product specification, and other relevant information that gives the audience a strong reason to buy your product. All of them can be achieved by labeling your custom packaging so that your brand secures a powerful spot in the market. 

In this blog, we will disclose all the incredible reasons and usefulness of labeling on custom packaging that always act as a primary overview for your brand. 

1. Display the Right Product Specification:

The product specification is a set of clear information that reveals the quality and standards followed during the manufacturing process. In the case of food packaging, the spec. Include all the ingredients with the brand name and description of the product. So, labelling them on your custom packaging boxes will benefit customers who would be allergic to a particular ingredient as it’s a regulation too. 

2. Deliver Your Brand Message:

Labelling on custom packaging boxes makes it easy for a brand to communicate with its customers. You can print the value proposition for your targeted audience. With the streamlined messages, brands persuade the customers for purchasing while carving their distinctive identities simultaneously as Walmart’s brand message is ‘save money and live better’. 

3. Safety Warning and Guideline for Proper Use:

It’s critical for a brand or distributors to display all the warning signs on custom packaging if they are transiting a product that is potentially dangerous or fragile.  Both of them need extra care to handle so that all kinds of mishaps would be avoided. 

On the other hand, labels also act as instruction manuals for the customers for handling and using the product properly. It might be from opening the packaging or placing it in the right way such as upside down etc. 

4. Bring Longevity to the product:

Displaying the product and storage becomes convenient because of the vivid labelling about the product lifecycle and its durability. It will differentiate the product from others and activate both retailers’ & customers’ preferences for choosing products with longer lifetimes. 

5. Make Batch Tracking Easy:

With labelling on the packaging, it is easy to track the right batch of the product and find its exact location. You just put all the information in the software for estimating everything virtually without getting to the product for necessary details. Additionally, you just scan the barcode from packaging labels and identify the products that need to be shipped on priority.  

6. Pricing Information:

If you are giving a discount on your products, displaying the price will help you to stand out from your competitors. You can layout the design of the label that makes it more prominent so that your customer could simply find out. 


Labelling on custom packaging boxes has not just one objective to achieve. It brings various things under one umbrella like exhibiting the brand message, specification of product and batch tracking, etc.  With proper guidance to retailers and customers, you present your product in a reasonable way that makes it desirable for them from all aspects.