12 Reasons – Why Should Brands Consider Shelf Ready Packaging?

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  • Posted on : February 24, 2024
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Shelf-ready packaging refers to packaging that allows brands or retailers to display their products by using extraordinary packaging options. SRP (shelf-ready packaging) is also known as RRP (retail-ready packaging). Additionally, SRP offers easy opening, display, stock, and disposal that reduces labour and extra packaging costs. Shelf-ready packaging is the most reliable and efficient way to get your products on the store racks easily and safely.

Over 70% of purchasing decisions are made in stores. Right? SRP is designed to make finding and stocking products easy and easier for customers to recognize products on store shelves quickly.  Let’s know the reasons why brands need to consider SRP in this complete guide.

1. Easy Stocking

Indeed, stocking is an essential factor for retailing, storing, and displaying items. Shelf-ready packaging designs ensure that customers easily open the box without any knife or blade. Plus, tailored-made packaging is designed with die-cuts or perforated elements that let customers effortlessly open and restock efficiently.

2. Secure Shipping Plan

According to the common survey, out of 100% of products, 70% products are shipped to next stores or retailers, and just 30% remaining are distributed near areas. That 70% need extreme protection during transit.  Thus, custom shelf-ready packaging is the only option. They are not only appealing by look but also durable to protect the content till the last destination.

3. Minimise The Extra Packaging Expense

SRP is a lightweight, easy-to-store, and transportable packaging solution. This packaging does not need any extra tape, special closures, etc. After all, the material cost also reduces that used for the upfront packaging which makes your brand packaging efficient and budget-friendly.

4. Reduce Labour Cost

Shelf-ready carton is intended for efficient restocking of the product. That is the main thing that reduces labor costs. How? All products are contained in a unit, so the retailers or store staff easily restock the product by themselves. As a result, it reduces the additional labour need and cost as well.

5. Boost Product-Appealing Appearance

Naturally, when products are displayed on the store shelves professionally, they grab customer attention even more. Somehow, standing products on the store shelves can be tricky, but cardboard shelf ready packaging makes it easy for you. It ensures that your products are standing on the store racks with grace and leave a positive impact on competitors.

6. Provide Additional Information

Many packaging companies allow brands to add extra product information on SRP to help customers make prompt purchasing decisions. Normally, product descriptions, brand logos, or titles are directly placed on the product however, the extra information deeply guides the customer about the item. For instance, SRP highlights the perks of products and how they impact the customer’s life.

7. Aid to Recognise Brand Product

Best shelf-ready packaging is one that customers recognise from a distance. Yeah! In grabbing attention and inspiring customers to purchase the spot, nothing can beat SRP. Appealing looks and attractive colour blends increase the beauty of the package and remarkable design shows the full look of the product on store shelves without opening.

8. Attractive Display Drive Sale

Does the striking look of the packaging encourage customers to buy products? Obviously! Things that cheer the customers to make a purchase first are the “attractive look” and the second is limited-time edition offers. Attention-grabbing display of the product counts more than product quality. The outer look of the product packaging represents the brand values and quality they offer.

9. Improve Purchasing Decisions

SRP is the smart choice to improve your customer purchasing decisions. It helps customers to get more cohesive and useful information about the products and make wise buying decisions instead of unknown product purchases. Real facts and figures of products create a loyal customer base.

10. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

60% of revenue or turnaround of well-known and successful brands rely on customer satisfaction. Why? The reason is that when customers receive their products in packaging that has a satisfying look, the best quality, and customization freedom, they are more likely to spread word of mouth. Ultimately, they deal with their favorite brand again and again to get exceptional SRP.

11. Make Shopping Easier

SRP makes your precious products grabbable in the store. Most importantly, it leads to easy viewing, organise per trend, and allows customer shelf scanning chance with any efforts. Plus, SRP understands all the needs of customers and what they like and expect. Thus, 42% of shoppers think it is a superb packaging solution.

12. Easy to Recycle

Last but not least, shelf-ready packaging trays are made from ecological materials like cardboard, paperboard, or Kraft. SRP is easy to dispose of through a recycling system. Thus, the brands can make their packaging eco-friendly and save money with reusable material.

Final Remarks

Shelf ready packaging is most important to capture the attention, enhancing the presentation of products on the store shelves. Brands should consider SRP for easy stocking, secure shipping plan, minimise expense, and reduced labour cost. Additionally, this packaging boosts product appeal, provides information, drives sales or purchasing decisions, and helps customers detect products from afar. Finally, SRP makes shopping easy and enhances customer satisfaction with recyclable material and an attractive look.