3 Creative Ways of customising the Custom Chocolate Boxes

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  • Posted on : November 26, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Chocolates – The most popular confectionery in the world, considered as a perfect treat for any occasion like birthdays, wedding or public holidays like Easter, Christmas or New Year. Chocolates have a diverse range in several products enjoyed by children and young adults.

There are many brands in the chocolate industry each with their own unique look and appeal. Naturally, this is when the packaging boxes comes into play. Manufacturers would often pack their chocolate products in custom chocolate packaging boxes that makes them different from others.

Custom chocolate boxes can attract a lot of attention of the customers and premium chocolate makers like Ferrero Rocher & Toblerone, take advantage by using premium packaging tactics for their products. Custom packaging boxes also help in making the perfect present for the right occasions. Whether it is a personalised packaging or a business event requirement, a well-designed packaging would create interest in the chocolate consumers.

There are 3 ways mentioned here that help in making the chocolate boxes more beautiful and appealing as well.

  1. Designing High-Quality Boxes:

For Chocolate boxes, the box quality is equally important as the chocolate quality packed inside the box. Low-quality boxes are likely to spoil the product look and presentation. It is necessary to choose a better quality material like cardboard and Kraft Paper that not only prevents spoilage but also contaminants, it allows the preservation for a long duration. As for design purpose, any packaging finishing like gloss, matte, die-cut, aqueous coating etc. are used to make the boxes beautiful and alluring.

  1. Interactive Shape for Packaging Boxes:

Chocolate’s products range in different and exciting designs sometimes with other things like toppings, dry fruits, ice cream etc. Some companies will have custom packaging boxes personalised in charming shapes and design that pleases the customers. You can find the whole range of different products each with its own uniqueness.

You can choose to have your own packaging boxes designed with your choice of chocolate, bringing distinctiveness in your commodities.

  1. Finish with Spectacular Box Art:

Once you have finalised to order for your custom chocolate boxes you require for your product. The box art should depict the product’s message, subtleness and brand’s level. If you are aiming this towards children than add cartoons that connect with them, for special occasion set a festive tone along with relevant information.

By factoring all of these point you will have the perfect custom chocolate boxes for your business. If you are interested then why not check our portfolio for amazing packaging. You can email us here: sales@emenacpackaging.co.uk or contact us at 0800 3688638 for any inquiry.