5 Reasons why Custom Gable Boxes are Essential for your Brand

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  • Posted on : November 14, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Gable Boxes are designed to make your product look good, allowing more accessibility to the user. The handle on the custom gable packaging box makes it easy to carry. It certainly contributes to your business and the box packaging will become more distinctive. A specifically customised gable box can bring more value to your brand and business by appealing maximum customers.

Many business owners and companies opted to use gable boxes and especially in fast food brands, a lot of restaurants use this packaging box style as takeaway boxes. Not only it increases the extravagance of the products but it also attracts many customers through its appeal.

Let’s understand why large and small business owners or companies prefer to use gable boxes for their products.

  1. A Stronger Advertising and Marketing Appeal:

Businesspersons always planning to create more awareness about their products to get potential customers, or when planning on launching a new product or brand, they make use of the gable boxes by printing useful tips, know-how about the products or business. It allows you to have a strong advertisement for your products and increasing the brand’s identity.

  1. Best Option for Takeaways Boxes:

Various food businesses like Chinese, fast food, etc, find gable boxes effective for takeaway or food delivery. Kraft based gable boxes are recyclable and Eco-friendly along with being free of toxic chemicals and prevents ‘sweat’ inside it. These Boxes are also easy to use allowing customers to enjoy the delicacy without any compromise of taste or getting contaminated.

By regulating the thickness of your boxes order, you can achieve maximum protection. The use of Kraft gable boxes sends the impression that you care for the environment and responsible for the safety of customers.

  1. Limitless Creative Customisation:

Like with every other packaging box style there are several options for customisation of the gable boxes. With the right idea to promote your business, you can create that perfect box for your brand. Select the right options to make the packaging boxes tempting and exceptional. So that the customer is hooked onto it and proceeds to re-buy it over and over. Customers who like your product’s packaging are seemingly to own an honest impression of your company which may bring certain attention and repeats purchase.

  1. Increasing the Brand’s Visibility:

Nevertheless, reputable companies are known for the quality and packaging of their brand because they have a distinct style, color or logo of the company. When you stick to the traditional brown or white box that is not attractive, a major marketing opportunity is missed. Putting the effort into a custom gable box will stand out as a sign of attention to detail that is part of your product purchasing experience for your customers.

  1. More and More Brand Awareness:

Gable packaging can be used to raise awareness of the product or brand. You can use custom printed gable boxes that display the brand name and logo instead of using a plain cardboard box or Kraft box. In order to provide a positive opening experience for your customers and to highlight the message against consumers, the product logo can be displayed both outside and inside the packaging. After using the service, some customers might even keep using these gable boxes in their homes. It’s all thanks to the gable boxes ‘ strength and beauty.

It will increase your company’s credibility by offering your goods in custom printed gable boxes. Creative, durable and elegant gable box packaging can help sell more to your brand. If you are running a business, making people more interested in your brand would help the presentation of your product.