Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Spruce Up Marketing Game

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  • Posted on : November 12, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Black Friday is expected to draw millions of shoppers, in 2021 according to reports. It is estimated that average shoppers spend up to $400 on Black Friday. This marks one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  It’s time to start planning your promotional efforts. Considering this, we made a list of actionable Black Friday marketing ideas that you can use to drive profits. 

This year up your game with latest marketing techniques and get ahead of your competitors with brilliant packaging strategies. Here are few of them to get fired up for this Black Friday.

1.  Unveil A New Product:

New and fresh things are loved by everyone. Due to this, you should take advantage of this unique chance and launch a new product on Black Friday that is exclusive to that occasion. You can use this opportunity to bolster your Black Friday marketing. You may be able to convince your existing customers to buy your new product, even if they have only purchased it once before.

New products can be unveiled in two major ways. The first is by announcing them days before the event. Perhaps this will spark more sales ahead of Black Friday. Or you can launch it on Black Friday. 

2. Hold A Different Sale Every Hour:

Consider holding an engaging, time-sensitive sale every hour. This will help expand the reach of your online business. For example, you can start 24 separate sales on Black Friday at midnight. Especially if you have products that aren’t available for a certain time, this can potentially hike your gross revenue. 

3. Cross-Selling:

Cross-selling is an excellent time to step it up. Customers are in the habit of staying at your stores even if they purchased what they are looking for. So, you can refer them to other products in your store that they may be interested in buying.

For instance, if someone has purchased a shoe you can refer them to buy new pair of socks or matching cloth outfit. Think socks and shoes, notepads and pencils, yoga mats, and straps for yoga. Other than the item you’re buying, what else do you need? 

Create Black Friday and Cyber Monday special pages to showcase your products to the end-users, this will make the shopping experience convenient for the buyers. It will also make things more flexible from the buyer’s perspective.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns:

Black Friday sales are connected to email marketing in over 22% of cases, as reported by Data Robot. Therefore, you should plan your email campaigns ahead of time. Email marketing allows you to directly communicate with your subscribers and those who have just signed up for your mailing list.

Providing them with a loyalty discount in exchange for their commitment is a great way to express your appreciation. To get your customers’ attention, launch your email campaign at least one week before Black Friday.

5. Create Vibrant Custom Packaging Boxes:

Black Friday is a special occasion, and special days’ demand for colourful and personalised custom packaging. So, as a retailer, you should modify your packaging with attention-getting and striking Theme-based holiday boxes.

Deliver the product in artistically made custom mailer boxes aligned with the spirit of Holiday to your customers and get more acceptant for your target audience.  


Every small business should take advantage of the one-time opportunity of Black Friday. Your annual sales are will reach an all-time high number between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With these top innovative marketing ideas at your disposal, you can push your sales even further by creating hype and giving rewards to the customers who shop at your store.