Celebrating Food and Taste with Customised Platter Boxes

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  • Posted on : September 6, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
  • Category : Blog

Who can say no to a scrumptious platter containing all of your favourite items like cheese, nuts, crackers, wafers and seasonal fruits?

Either it’s a wedding, picnic, birthday party, or a get-together a well-designed platter box can never go wrong! It is not only visually attractive but a great treat to the taste buds as well. No doubt the platter box is associated with beautiful and unforgettable memories no matter what age, gender, or occasion a customised platter box is all good to go!

In the past people used to place different items in multiple boxes, it was not only tiresome but created a lot of mess and waste as well. Customers these days are looking for packaging boxes that not only protect their product but are also visually attractive. Most importantly if people are traveling long distances so they want to make sure that the product remains safe, intact, and doesn’t lose its particular aroma and freshness. Moreover, the products like cheese, seasonal fruits, and dips have high chances of getting stale and spoiled on their way to the final destination

Therefore, customised platter boxes not only protect them from contamination, moisture, infection, and damage, therefore, making it the best choice to grace the events. Check out the following points to know more about the benefits of customised platter boxes:

1. Added Value:

The customised platter boxes are a great way to complement the delicious platter food items. The use of beautiful ribbon, delicate flowers, and a greeting card not only makes the customers feel special but also reflects the care and affection of the company’s brand.

If customised packaging is done right it means you have hit the right note hence never underestimate the powerful impact of the packaging details as it’s a cost-effective way of turning the customers into a walking advertisement.

2. Better Picture:

Customised platter boxes are not only meant to provide protection and safety to the edibles but it helps the customers in making an informed decision.

The display window on top of the box gives an overview of the product and also gives a sense of relief to the customer that all the scrumptious edibles are placed in their position. Moreover, the customised platter boxes also prevent the products from getting smudged, leaked, or losing their texture. It is a great way of keeping your favourite edibles fresh and safe.

3. Easy to Carry:

Above all the customised platter boxes are light in weight and easy to carry at long distances. Either you are traveling within the city or out of the country, the packaging boxes never fails to impress their customers across the globe.

Moreover, it significantly reduces the packaging waste and accommodates a variety of food items in a single box. It means that’s it’s both environmental and budget friendly as well. Therefore, companies that focus on top-tier packaging reap immense profits and it improves their credibility and reputation in the long run. Therefore, never underestimate the power of packaging as it does miracles to your business!