Custom Cake Boxes: 5 Packaging Boxes Style That Make Your Customers Say Wow!

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  • Posted on : December 13, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Custom Cake Boxes are designed to keep that fresh, sweet and tasty cake safe, Transporting them easily from one place to another and perfectly ready for birthdays, weddings or festivals.

Not only are they personalised according to your requirements but it is important that they reflect the quality and passion to your customers. Cake Boxes are also signature of any bakery as their customers easily identify with their products. When you ave variety of bakery items like cupcakes, muffins, pastries and other delicacies, then its best to give them their own distinct packaging style.

Aside from the standard cake packaging box, there are some other boxes that are exciting to get customers hooked.

  1. Cupcake Boxes:

Cupcakes, whether they are filled with chocolate chips or topped with a scrumptious frosting, are easier to take from one place to another due to their small size. The Cupcake Boxes can be simple or special box packaging. The special box packaging consist of small compartments facilitating multiple cupcakes adjusted in their slots. You can also have a window panel on them so that your product remains visible to your customer.

  • Pastry Boxes:

Pastry boxes are available in both regular and slice shaped boxes as they are trending everywhere nowadays especially for popular food like pizza, slice shaped packaging boxes look great in appearance and customer enjoy it. Pastries are a perfect choice for this packaging, you can also use cake slices as well. Use this packaging style with a visually appealing packaging finishing like letterpress or embossing, to make them more delightful.  Whatever the style you prefer ultimately it should be good with customers.

  • Gable Cake Boxes:

These Boxes allow mobility and ease of carrying products, they are effective as they can save you from using extra bags to carry and ensures the bakery items are safe during transportation. A double-layered packaging box made from cardboard has sturdy feel, you can use matt finishing make them look impressive

  • Tier-Cake Boxes:

This kind of packaging boxes are perfect for special cakes baked for wedding, or any lavish party, This box is structured to fit those well. They are made from Corrugated Cardboard to give maximum protection from during the shipping and protect the frosting, these boxes are perfect if you are wedding cake specialists.

  • Custom Printed Cake Boxes:

This is the default standard packaging box you need the most. It’s a simple design easily manufactured from Kraft, Cardboard or Corrugated Paper. The printed boxes can have any type of image you want, If their cakes required for children’s birthday have popular characters like Baby Yoda, Spiderman or any other cartoon printed. If it is wedding cake then have both groom and bride’ name stylishly written.

These are some of the popular examples of custom cake boxes available here at Emenac Packaging UK. Whatever the custom packaging boxes design, idea or style you want, contact us here sales@emenacpackaging.co.uk or our telephone number: 0800 3688638.