Custom Nail Polish Boxes: 10 Ways to Organise and Display Your Collection

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  • Posted on : March 16, 2024
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
  • Category : Blog

Are you ready to transform and display your stunning nail polish collection? Custom nail polish boxes are the only way to capture attention and elevate your nail lacquer stash like never before. Inject a dose of creativity into your nail polish packaging, where every lacquer bottle becomes a masterpiece. Bespoke boxes are not just packaging, but they serve as a narrative of self-expression and glamour. Your valued nail polish deserves more than simple storage; it needs a stage! In this complete guide, you will learn about how to turn heads, boost curiosity, and unlock the vibrant collection of your nail polish prowess.

1. Categorise by Colour

Arrange your nail polish collection by colour family. It is a great way to visualise your crew of lacquer bottles in both stunning and practical ways. Indeed, colour arrangements help customers to opt for their desired colour that not only caters for their needs but excellent appearance and bold shades that delight them.

2. Sort by Finish

Separate your stunning and luxurious nail paint collection with the spotless finish of the nail polish packaging box. It will help you to distinguish the matte, glossy and shimmery nail polishes according to boxes. These boxes not only look appealing but help customers choose the best from a series of stunning packaging arrays.  Moreover, you can customise with printing to give them top-notch designs and colour codes.

3. Arrange by Shapes and Design

Packaging companies commit to providing unique and resilient packaging to all clients. Thus, there is a special box, for every nail polish. Custom nail polish packaging boxes are made with durability that ensures your nail polish glass bottles remain arrived in pristine condition. Plus, diverse shapes make your products even more desirable to customers. You can add inserts to the divider to upgrade the design and increase items’ value.

4. Organise by Style

The best way to display or organise your collection is to sort by style. Use multiple styles to make your brand’s products prominent on store shelves. These styles include tray or drawer style, window style, gable style, insert and divider style, and much more.

5. Display by Season

Switch your traditional nail polish presentation to a stunning vibe. Display your nail lacquer collection in custom printed nail polish boxes by using a specific season theme. Make a series of winter bold hues and vibrant colours that not only captivate the customers but also provoke them to purchase. On the flip side, you can set a collection of boxes with mild and soft light colours with summer themes that look out of the world.

6. Limited-Time Edition Zone

Introduce a limited-time edition zone. If you have a rare collection of luxury nail polishes, create separate zones to highlight them. Use custom nail polish boxes with logos to inform about the brand to the customer. Plus, print the boxes with ingredients and price, which raises curiosity and they are more likely to purchase. Overall, tailored boxes play a crucial role in boosting brand perception and presentation of products.

7. Create A Slope Display

Arrange your nail polish in a sloping pattern by using custom boxes. Start with the mildest and lightest shades and gradually transform them into darker and bold colours. It looks super stunning and eye-grabbing.

8. Go Green with Natural Material

Use natural materials to hit the eco-conscious customers. Sustainable materials allow you to customise boxes per desire that reflect the brand personality. Further, it helps to fulfil the commitment to eco-friendliness and promote greenery.

9. Occasional Counter

Create special boxes for occasional counters. Design packaging boxes for nail polishes that resonate with the occasion. For example, choose a shimmery or glossy coating that represents, a wedding matte or soft touch lamination that creates a sense of gift packaging.

10. Gift Packaging with Foam Inserts

Last but not least, the superb way to increase your brand presentation is to use gift packaging. Attractive packaging not only grabs attention but raises the value of your gifts (product). For instance, if you plan a surprise gift for your loved one, choose boxes with inserts for sleek packaging, shiny coating to create a sense of elegance and special closures like (ribbons or magnetic closures) for making unboxing unforgettable.

Ending Notes

Nail Polish needs sleek designs and sophisticated packaging; thus custom nail polish boxes are the best boxes. These boxes play a vital role in displaying and organising your collection. Therefore, there is a need to categorise by colour, finish, shape, design and style. Additionally, limited-time edition, seasonal and slope displays grab the attention of customers and raise the value of polishes. Lastly, using nail polish boxes as gift packaging is a smart move for a high-end presentation.