Packaging Megatrends That Are Dominating Industry in 2021

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  • Posted on : September 18, 2021
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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When most entrepreneurs think about packaging, they keep in view their packaging specifications. People also prefer the custom printed packaging trend that lies in the realm of their specific expertise. However, industry specialists understand that the packaging sector is competitive. Because it incorporates varying degrees of factors.

Technological advances are at the root of the most important megatrends for 2021. Consumer preferences are also playing an important role. In this year’s packaging industry, these five trends have the most influence:

1. E-commerce Growth:

E-commerce sales have indeed grown enormously in recent years. But this increase has changed the packaging sector worldwide. Market growth is expected to double by 2024, which will have a variety of effects on the packaging boxes. Purchasing from online retailers is becoming more common. And people are ordering more from online sources.

In 2020, E-commerce gross sales globally. It will reach $4.28 trillion in 2021. The online revenue is excepting to hit $5.4 trillion in 2022. This shows the importance of the E-commerce industry.

2. Adaptable Packaging:

Items like clothing, food products do not need rigid packaging. For this purpose, flexible packaging is ideal to hold these items. Among packing industries in the US, flexible packaging has risen to the dominance of 19%. For many sectors, adaptable packaging boxes hold many benefits.

The main advantage of flexible packaging is its ease of handling and storage. It fits in mailboxes, is easy to open, and is inexpensive. Flexible packaging is cheap as compared to their counterparts. It is also easy to transport.

3. Sustainable Packaging:

Flexible packaging has improved eco-friendliness. In recent years, consumers have become more conscious or more vested in green packaging.

More than 75% of businesses believe in the use of sustainable custom packaging to ensure product safety. Due to this reason, as well as new findings of the condition of the earth’s water bodies and junkyards. Businesses have pledged to use more recyclable packaging in the next few years.

4. Discreet or Unobtrusive Labelling:

The name of transparent labelling does not imply anything about how the label itself looks. Transparent labelling signifies the products that are honest about product content. The clean labelling designates that a good includes no toxic components.

Honest labelling not only builds the trust of customers. But also popularises a brand among the people. The label is guaranteed to remain in place. Whether it is created by an app or by pressure-sensitive labels like the Techno melt EM 377. It is important to pay attention to labelling.

5. Digitisation:

Even though packaging is primarily a tangible industry. Digitisation has not failed to affect the packaging industry in 2021. This phenomenon can include several smaller, individualised trends among packaging companies. Undoubtedly, technology is affecting packaging in every stage of the packaging process.

Digitisation provides an upper hand to manufacturers. It ensures the final product reaches the customer without any problem. Digital packaging ensures the safe and smooth filling of boxes. It also keeps the product information in one place. Brands can manage the content, authorisations, licensing, and variations displayed to customers. So that every detail is in place before a package ever reaches the market.


Regardless of which sector of the packaging industry intrigues you. These five global packaging megatrends promise to transform every facet of the custom packaging industry.