5 Essential Packaging & Printing Statistics You Should Know for 2024

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  • Posted on : June 8, 2024
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Packaging is not only limited to ensuring product safety but is also an effective way to tell brand stories and connect with customers.

Statistics play an immersive role in reshaping any industry and because of tough competition, you need to be aware of the latest packaging and printing trends or stats to offbeat the competition.

So, in this regard, we are going to share with you 5 essential custom packaging and printing statistics you need to know for the year 2024. Read on!

1. 60% Eco-friendly packaging includes recyclability and recycled content.

Eco-friendly packaging will likely grow in 2024 and 2025 too. Various brands are opting latest packaging designs and trends by incorporating sustainability practices.

They use eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce carbon footprint and the following are some of the main reasons why brands are making these types of advancements:

  • Impress & target eco-conscious customers
  • Fulfill sustainability commitments
  • Improve overall environmental impact

These sustainability commitments are solely focused on aspects i.e., innovative packaging, reduction in plastic usage, and recycled content.

2. Almost 60% of customers want to make repeat purchases just because of luxury/ premium packaging.

Remember one thing, premium packaging not only captivates customer attention but also justifies the purchase. For example, if you own a cosmetic/ beauty brand, so in that case, you should come up with unique packaging to captivate customer’s attention and urge them to buy products again from your brand. Premium and extraordinary packaging not only urges customers to purchase again but is also an amazing way to convey a message to customers that their money is well spent.

3. 3D packaging printing is expected to reach more than 2,500 million by 2033

In the past few years, 3D-printed packaging has grown immensely. As 3D packaging printing has grown with time, various packaging brands are expanding their operations and the varied demands of rapidly changing markets.

This growth has been experienced by the increased demand for custom packaging solutions and innovative custom printed packaging trends or ideas. Also, one good news we want to share with you, is that 3D printed packaging enables the manufacturing of eco-friendly packaging materials.

For 3D packaging printing, the expected materials to be utilized include eco-friendly or bio-degradable packaging materials. Just like materials, 3D printing can be combined with common printing techniques like offset printing. In this way, you will come up with more customised packaging with intricate designs, textures, and colours.

4. Almost 50% of customers recommend products that give a gift-like packaging look.

If you want to promote and market your brand, don’t ignore your product packaging. Packaging itself is an effective marketing tool and it is a general rule, that customers who like product packaging recommend it to friends and family. So, keep in mind, that you will get more than 50% customers if you come up with beautiful branded and gift-like packaging.

5. More than 90% of customers are loyal to a brand that comes with clear and transparent packaging.

Clear and accurate product labeling plays an immersive role in building customer loyalty and branding. Also, it urges the importance of investing in exceptional label printing. Transparent, clear, and original product labeling helps build customer loyalty which positively impacts purchasing decisions.

When you come up with transparent and clear product packaging and labeling, not only your customers be satisfied but also be happy to give positive feedback.

Product packaging comes with an honest and clear message help customer to buy products by reading product labeling requirements based on personal interests and preferences.

Final Thoughts!

Packaging and printing play crucial roles in grabbing customer’s attention especially when you use custom packaging as a marketing tool. With these stats, you can get a clear picture of customer preferences, choices, and more.

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