Why Custom Serum boxes are an Ideal Option to Keep Serum Safe for a Long Time?

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  • Posted on : August 16, 2019
  • Written by : Emenac Packaging UK
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Serums are the moisturisers including essential elements that penetrate the skin cells and cure skin problems and diseases. They come in cream and liquid forms and are quite useful for protecting the human skin and providing the natural glow in just a number of days.

As these products are directly applied on the face, it is necessary to pack such delicate items into durable boxes so that customers get an undamaged and quality product in the original condition.

These moisturisers are instantly get affected by harmful rays, packaging material, high temperature, and other ecological factors. To prevent such issues, it is best to store such products in intact and durable serum boxes made up of Kraft or corrugated material.

Below are some facts about how custom serum boxes can increase the lifespan of serum products.

Eco-friendly Options:

Custom Kraft serum boxes are biodegradable and increase the lifespan of the product without the contamination of the toxic chemicals into the products. Product with eco-friendly packaging is always prioritised by the customers so they will choose your product over your competitors. According to a survey, almost 52% of the people around the globe buy a product due to their packaging. They prefer those products that have eco-friendly packaging.

Kraft Serum Box Packaging; a Lifeguard for Serum Products:

If you are planning to encase your serum bottles into just bottles such as glass or plastic bottles, it is possible that such conventional packaging might fail to impress the customers. Instead, if you provide creative and sturdy packaging for your serum bottles, you can easily influence your customers who will protect the bottles in a better way.

In the case of online shopping, one of the major concerns of the manufacturers is to ship products without any damage. If the packaging is poor, the product will break or get damaged and will harm the company’s reputation. So, packaging the serum bottles (made up of glass) will enable you to deliver the original and undamaged products on customer’s doorstep.

Custom packaging boxes made up of high-quality materials such as Cardboard, Corrugated, and Kraft along with sufficient fillers to fill the empty spaces and provide good cushioning to avoid tossing of the product during shipping.

Along with sturdiness, printing useful images and information on the boxes will get your products off the shell into the customer’s hand quickly. Top-notch and serum friendly boxes is a key factor in pitching the pharmaceutical retail buyers to see the items.  Get custom serum boxes for the maximum protection and preservation of your products.